Less Focus On Self-Improvement. More On Potential Already Present.

Why We Practice Vitalogy

We help people get more out of life without working quite so hard in the process. We specialize in creating a sustainable lifestyle, of your design, based on technology’s impact on your mind and body.  We don’t believe in “changing your Life.” That’s throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead, we empower you to evolve your life – keep what’s working, improve what isn’t.

Starting in 1987 with the publication of The Real Truth About Health, Vitalogy has focused on compassion, for yourself and others. We believe in a mind-set of allowing, not forcing, of being lead along your path rather than pushing your way to success.

There exists excessive over-promising and under-delivering in the wellness and self-help industry. A three-hour workshop on relationships will not make all your relationships blissful and free of conflict from here on out. That’s ridiculous! Nor does any miracle exercise or weight-loss technique exist.

We teach universal axioms regarding the human condition conveyed in simple layman’s terms. We help you distill down to the essence and coach you towards insights. Your best lifestyle reflects one of  self-reliance, sustainability, and functionality.

``I disliked the hype and out of proportion expectations from so called 'life improvement specialists.' Vitalogy amazed me with their simple yet innovative techniques. My own chronic issues of lower back stiffness and seeing life as a giant struggle to overcome were alleviated. Not overnight but over time. Step by step. Slowly but surely. Best of all, the knowledge I gained, about myself and life, continues to build, grow, expand, and develop. I stopped pushing all the time. Life comes to me now.''
– Chris V.

The Keys To Healthy Lifestyle Design

Likely your aware of the status of your job, finances, relationships, etc. But are you aware of your process? What are you working on as a human being, your self-work? Do you know what your needs are? Do you understand how the feelings you regularly experience connect with those needs, and if they are being met? We can’t delegate our emotional life to others.

With Vitalogy’s proprietary system of mind/body self-management, you cultivate your ability to access and implement new behavior and skill-sets. We create with you a lifestyle that facilitates a relationship with yourself, others, and technology.

When we develop our ability to observe ourselves, without judgment, we understand our beliefs and whether they serve us. Change starts there. You have to possess all of yourself, not just the parts you like. We help make that picture realistic and workable.


``What’s amazing about Will Nelson is how nimble his body is – how loose and fluid his movements are - like watching a teenager in a much older person’s body. He emphasizes two things throughout all of his programs. One is to have fun, the other is to have a focused, clear outcome of what you’re attempting to accomplish before you get started. I've adapted his motto, “Have fun; get something done.''
– Lynne R.

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