Regarding exercise and movement, let’s replace hard work with efficient work – aiming for the greatest benefit in the least amount of time. Your willpower, or “spirit,” reflects your determination to make wise choices. Determination embodies your spirit. That’s why we say one is “spirited,” or “in good spirits.” Your spirit is your willpower – “she had the spirit to live,” or “he had the spirit to make it.” This forms our attitude or drive and becomes the “spirit of our success.”

Getting and staying in “good spirits” can be facilitated by movement. Simple movement. Effective movement. Movement that allows you to explore with your body while freeing your mind to go anywhere and everywhere.

And with that, I present the first of a series, simply titled Using A Stick. With too many choices and too much information, complexity becomes the tendency. With VitalBody, we seek to simplify. Simple movement. Effective movement. Foundational movement. And most important, sustainable movement. You can practice what this video demonstrates anytime, anywhere, and almost anything can be your stick – you’ll see when you watch the video, which I hope you enjoy while you enjoy the game of life.