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Understanding The VitalMind Program

Trust the Process – But Make Sure You Have One!


  • Want to maintain a peaceful state of mind? Consider thinking in emotionally neutral language. This makes your self-talk less threatening.
  • Want to reach your targets in life? Develop a clearer path, stop coming up with solutions for problems that don’t exist. Then watch obstacles disappear.
  • Want your self-discipline more automatic and less arduous? Discover the keys to internalize the process, through sustainable and self-reliant choices. Become less dependent on external pressures, demands, and other people to keep you motivated.
  • Want to get what you want? Uncover the “why” behind that. Turn your vision of life into something real and tangible, not murky and somewhere hazy, out in the distance.
  • Discovering the underlying structure of your life empowers you to adjust and modify with authority.

Your Relationship With Your Body

  • Remove all denial about your relationship with your body. Otherwise your efforts will end up fruitless.
  • Start where you are. Understand how your body reflects both your life’s daily condition and the accumulation of your personal history.
  • Define the targets resulting in making your body comfortable and functional. Do it step-by-step, whether losing weight, improving flexibility or gaining strength.
  • Focus on improving your posture. This makes movement more pain-free and efficient and increases energy.
  • Create a highly effective program for sustaining the physical prime of your life longer.
  • Free your body of accumulated daily stress.
  • Learn how movement and exercise can be accomplished anytime, anywhere.

Identifying Challenges

  • Recognize what impediments exist and strategies for eliminating them.
  • Uncover your “ruts” right as they start. Step out of the hole before you fall into it.
  • Welcome the challenges. You don’t learn to be a good sailor in calm water.
  • Differentiate which targets need more information/due diligence to achieve, which require adjustment to living conditions, and which require education to enhance knowledge and skills.
  • Discover simple and effective ways of managing the constant input of information and sedentary tendencies caused by technology.


  • Develop a system to set targets, generate an action plan, monitor progress, and enjoy the process.
  • Start asking good questions. Allow answers to emerge from previously unknown sources.
  • Stop endless venting, get to your truth and on with your life – with less reliance on slow and expensive “crockpot” therapy.
  • Master tools that retrain and redirect non-serving outlooks, thoughts, and behaviors into productive, cohesive, and functional outcomes.
  • Improve how you think, treat, and motivate yourself.
  • Implement Self Responsibility, Practical Knowledge, Common Sense.
  • Celebrate knowing what you want and why. Become the architect of your life!
VitalMind takes a snapshot of your life, synchronistically connects the dots, removes unnecessary moving parts, and simplifies your world. Understand yourself a whole lot better. Find the root and fill the need. Become internally satisfied.

Optimize Your Life And Create “Compassionate Success.”

VitalMind is the course we created to pragmatically understand personal psychology in the age of technology. Cut right to the chase with succinctly delivered concepts designed for you to understand yourself like never better. Ultimately, life reflects less on what happens to us and more the behaviors we formed as a result. What happened can’t be changed but the meaning assigned to it can. Many people have the facts and information regarding their lives, but have difficulty connecting all of it together. VitalMind helps you make sense of your life.


``My sessions with Will were incredible! I've never experienced anything like it before. He told me things about myself he couldn't have known about me. He tuned into my body and my mind. He immediately understood the circumstances of my life. The VitalMind materials were concise and easy to follow. I got empowered to understand life from the inside out, not the outside in, as I had done for years. I still have work to do, certainly, but I clearly know what that entails, and what I will get for it. Finally, internalized motivation. He is truly a gifted individual. ''
– Mary B.

Consciously Engaging All Of Your Life


VitalMind teaches how to function using both sides of your brain simultaneously – at once staying connected with both your creative and cognitive abilities. This approach ultimately manifests your thoughts, ideas, and creations in a more seamless, efficient, integrated, and resourceful way.

VitalMind acknowledges the Western mindset of doing it all, being it all, and having it all – while keeping life maintained, balanced, and functioning well. You can go for it without dying before your time, not destroying your body, your family, or your career in the process.

VitalMind encourages your wanting something with all your heart and yet staying non-attached (surrendered) from the eventual outcome. You change into an observer of your own life experience and others too, in a way that facilitates possibilities, interest, and coping with change easily. We call this “compassionate success.”


``Through Vitalogy and the VitalMind program I gradually released feelings and connections to my ex-husband. That in turn, allowed me to let go of material things/papers I'd been holding onto. Eventually, I felt in control of my life again. That allowed me to lose extra weight I'd been carrying around for years. I've been learning to pay attention to my body and processing my emotions more effectively, I've been trusting myself and my intuition more. I'm so grateful for all the progress you've helped me make.''
– Rhonda W.

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