Prime Your Body for Success. Anytime.

  • DEVELOP — strength, stamina, and flexibility.
  • CUSTOMIZE — the program to your age, interests, and ability level.
  • PORTABLE — techniques that work anywhere, anytime — without special equipment or clothes.
  • ACCOMMODATING — for daily changes in your schedule and lifestyle.

What You Will Create Through VitalBody

Developing Ongoing Awareness

  • Gain an awareness of how your body moves during your day to day activities.
  • Discover a simple and effective way to check in with your body anytime, anywhere.
  • Enjoy being more comfortable living in your body.

Managing Technology’s Impact On Your Body

  • Recognize that “sitting is the new smoking.”
  • Reduce the impact from spending the day sitting at computers, causing painful neck, shoulder, and back problems.
  • Improve circulation of blood and nutrients throughout your body.
  • Prevent your body from being stagnant and lethargic.
  • Maintain a higher individual quality of life.

Mastering The Right Kind Of Movement For You

  • Discover techniques to quickly loosen your body up and expand your capacity for movement.
  • Learn to stop being stiff after a long day’s work.
  • Regain flexibility, increase pain-free movement.
  • Restore a more youthful vitality!

Adjusting Your Thinking – Exercise With Less Effort

  • Understand the four elements of exercise – inspiring self-directed workouts.
  • Sustainable methods make for realistic exercise.
  • Incorporate movement and exercise into your diverse lifestyle and changing schedule.
  • Gain the benefits of exercise without having to rely on the gym or specialized equipment!
  • Make exercise all gain and no pain.

Stretching Made Simple

  • Rediscover your human instinct to stretch and make stretching effortless.
  • Overcome the psychological hurdles keeping you a prisoner to your own stiffness.
  • Establish a permanent habit of releasing, lengthening, and realigning your body.

Harmonizing Mind and Body Integration

  • Free the Body, the Mind will Follow
  • Getting your body functioning better, even if only slightly, provides progress you can see and more importantly feel.  It’s typically easier to first generate momentum in the body and then carry that into the mind. When you feel better, life automatically looks better. And with that optimism, you have generated the magic of motivation.
  • Expand your awareness and ability to keep your body properly aligned and functioning most optimally. This lowers the risk of injury in daily life, extends the physical prime of life, and lowers reliance on health care providers.

Imagine your body showing you how to release daily stress, loosen up, and become flexible again. You simply show up and get started. Your body guides you the rest of the way.  Your VitalBody awaits you!

You Spend A Lifetime in Your Body… Why Not Enjoy It!

More About VitalBody

VitalBody simplifies keeping your body loose, fit, and ready to go 24-7. Become your own personal trainer and save time and money. More than just looking good, you will feel good and discover how to help your body keep up with the rest of your life!

  • Use movement to recharge your body and refocus your mind.
  • Infuse energy and flexibility on demand.
  • Sit comfortably longer without stiffness afterwards.
  • Learn how VitalBody is the 7th inning stretch for the workday.
  • Spend less time and money at the doctor’s office with better self-care.
  • Rely on a 20 year old company – founded in response to the challenges of staying healthy and agile in the 24 hour workplace.
  • For the cost of a doctor’s visit, VitalBody delivers movement and exercise, fitness and freedom right into your home, your life, your world. Proven successful in the clinical setting for over 20 years.

``When I see high dollar exercise equipment in yard sales or sitting unused in the basements of homes that I inspect, I simply smile, shake my head and I think: ‘All they needed to improve their life was Vitalogy’s VitalBody course.'''
– Vince Z.

Don’t Let Technology Make You Old Before Your Time

Overwhelming evidence points to the negative impact of sitting all day. But sitting is routinely what our technologically-based world now demands. There is no going back; but there can be going forward.

  • Stay comfortable all day.
  • Get movement and exercise while doing other things.
  • Focus more on productivity and less on pain and discomfort.
  • Have energy left over at the end of the day.

VitalBody’s proprietary movement system offsets the physical problems associated with sitting, making it easier to sit for longer periods. Join the pain-free generation: restore your posture, ease of movement, and range of motion with a simple, fun, easy to learn program. Take the effort out of getting fit!


VitalBody: Cure For The Common Chair!

Posture: The Key To Extending Your Physical Prime

``When first doing VitalBody I was skeptical that so little could do so much. As an office worker, I had poor posture from sitting all day. The simple movements I learned prompted me to start exercising more in earnest, become more aware of my posture, and take effective short breaks from my work at the computer. This new approach allows me to work much longer, more productively, and still have something left at the end of the day for myself.''
– Bryan P.

Making Fitness A Choice Not A Chore

“Got Fun?”  VitalBody introduces a remarkably fun way to get movement and exercise regardless of lifestyle or schedule. Get “working out” accomplished safely, efficiently and enjoyably. With VitalBody’s portability, optimizing your body’s condition becomes possible wherever you are. Just think what pain-free movement and improved general expression can mean for your life. That’s a great freedom, and it can be yours.

The value placed on caring for your body impacts virtually your entire quality of life. Building a strong foundation starts with an education in movement – based on your body type and what it’s been through in life (accidents/injuries etc.). Consider what you’d like to do with your body going forward. Manage the demands life places on your body.

``So far I’ve been very pleased, especially with the very portable nature of the movements that go so well with the other things I do. I would give VitalBody an 'A' for transferability to different surroundings, sustainability over time, and effectiveness in small spaces.''
– Kathy H.


Still Not Convinced?

VitalBody uniquely combines fitness, exercise, movement, yoga, and dance. By activating your human instinct to stretch, VitalBody induces an instant state of released stress, relaxation and creativity, and a refocusing of one’s thoughts and energies – while moving your body and combating the negative effects of sitting.

VitalBody White Paper

Let’s get started!

Free 20 min coaching session

Will Nelson, creator of Vitalogy, offers free 20 minute phone coaching sessions to assess your needs and determine how his technology can amplify your success. No obligation.



Starting in 1987 with the publication of The Real Truth About Health, Will Nelson, founder of Vitalogy, has focused on compassion, for yourself and others. He believes in a mind-set of allowing, not forcing, of being lead along your path rather than pushing your way to success.

Will Nelson teaches universal axioms regarding the human condition conveyed in simple layman’s terms. He helps you distill down to the essence and coaches you towards insights. Your best lifestyle reflects one of self-reliance, sustainability, and functionality. He is a coach and catalyst for understanding your life process and executing your creativity.

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