BioSomatic Movement Therapy Returns Youthful Vitality.

BioSomatic therapy simultaneously lengthens and mobilizes your entire body – replicating daily life. This comprehensive form of rehabilitation creates fluid and unencumbered movement in your body. As you loosen up, your body begins realigning itself. You can then dialogue with your body, creating emotional release through your body.

This unique treatment represents true holistic therapy, for both mind and body. Experience your body’s innate ability to stretch and lengthen itself back out. This way releases both the physical and emotional stresses of life.

``I had a few movement therapy sessions with Will Nelson but I didn't just receive treatment. I became educated and developed a relationship with my body. I came away with tools, knowledge and a plan. No gimmicks, no fads, just straightforward teaching and an incredibly effective form of hands-on mind/body integration. Most importantly, I can maintain it myself. It's totally liberating!''
– Sherrie B.

The Science Behind BioSomatic Therapy

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While fully clothed, BioSomatic Restorative Movement facilitates your whole body working together by replicating the movements of daily life. First your body loosens up, to release stress and contraction. Then your body begins lengthening back out the connective tissue that holds your entire body together.  Tight connective tissue makes for stiff muscles and painful joints. Movements you were unable to execute become available again.

Your brain first observes movement (on the treatment table), then directs movement (out in your daily life). Ultimately, your body self-realigns. We focus on improving overall posture. Your body works more efficiently, resulting in more energy and greater ability to sit for long periods.

Each session involves hundreds of movements that differ from, and compensate for, habitual sitting, standing, walking, driving – pretty much everything we do all day long.

``I had a rotator cuff problem when I met Will that limited my movement drastically. What little movement I did have was always painful. This caused some severe depression and anxiety. Will did his 'magic' and now I'm pain free with almost 100% movement back in my shoulder. I also processed and released the associated anxiety and got in touch with my body like never before. What he's done for me, all without judgment while respecting me and my body is absolutely astounding.''
– Sheila C.

Uniquely Removing Stress And Restoring Vitality

Your body will be lifted, lowered, shaken lightly, and gently stretched out, without excessive force or sudden, high-impact movements. Your body literally realigns itself to better accommodate the increased variety and ability of movement. As your posture improves, you learn specific movements that maintain and enhance this process. These simple techniques easily incorporate into your daily life, enhancing your ability to remove stiffness and restore mobility yourself.

At times, your body will be held in specific positions or “poses” for 10-60 seconds. These expose where your muscle tension begins to limit further range of motion in a given direction. As the pose continues, your body relaxes and further lengthens back out.

With progress, other movements are incorporated to improve the overall distance and direction you can safely move. You relax, let down, let go. Many clients report greater clarity and understanding about their life, because their body isn’t carrying their life around anymore.


``After seeing Will only a few times I knew I was moving. After the 3rd session the resistance in my neck was gone. I felt happy! Just full of giddiness. You don’t realize what you were missing out on till you are given back the gift of free movement!''
– Angela B.

Hands-On Work Done With Precision

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BioSomatic Restorative Movement Testimonial

Restorative movement addresses the impact of technology (sitting, driving, texting) on your posture. When poor alignment and compromised movement gets subjected to any physical activity; injury, discouragement, and the inability to sustain the prime years of your life results. We constantly hear about proper form when exercising. However, your form is limited by what your underlying function, or posture allows.

The mind and body are intrinsically connected. You can intellectually understand and feel you are over something in life. But sustainable changes in behavior occur only when the corresponding movements, postural patterns, and cellular muscle memory gets restored. Talking alone won’t create lasting change. Language reflects how we dialog with the mind. Movement reflects how we dialog with the body. You must have both.

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``As a man, I got conditioned to living with pain, ignoring pain, and not listening to my body. This work, along with Will's unwavering guidance, convinced me otherwise. My kids are teenagers, but what about their kids. I want to play and be active with them. Pain is not a badge of honor, but a destroyer of quality of life. With Will's help, I've engaged my whole family to respect and better care for their body. Little did I know all this when I first came in for shoulder stiffness.''
– Pat A.

Let’s get started!

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Will Nelson, creator of Vitalogy, offers free 20 minute phone coaching sessions to assess your needs and determine how his technology can amplify your success. No obligation.



Starting in 1987 with the publication of The Real Truth About Health, Will Nelson, founder of Vitalogy, has focused on compassion, for yourself and others. He believes in a mind-set of allowing, not forcing, of being lead along your path rather than pushing your way to success.

Will Nelson teaches universal axioms regarding the human condition conveyed in simple layman’s terms. He helps you distill down to the essence and coaches you towards insights. Your best lifestyle reflects one of self-reliance, sustainability, and functionality. He is a coach and catalyst for understanding your life process and executing your creativity.

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