Vital Coaching

  • MULTIDISCIPLINARY — mental, physical; east, west;
  • MEASURABLE — results you can see
  • EFFECTIVE — focus on getting things done
  • MODERN — learn to mitigate the negative effects of technology

Invest in Yourself

You are your greatest asset. Vitalogy coaching delivers real value in lifestyle, business, and longevity. Schedule your free coaching session today, and see how far your life can take you.

Free 20 min coaching session

Will Nelson, creator of Vitalogy, offers free 20 minute phone coaching sessions to assess your needs and determine how his technology can amplify your success. No obligation.



What People Say about Vitalogy

``Will’s unshockable — about your thoughts or your body. He doesn’t judge. You can be yourself and be totally honest. You can show him your worst mess and he won’t flinch — but instead cut to the core of the problem and stay with it until it’s fixed. And the ‘fixing’ is not that he fixed it, but that you and he figured it out together and came up with a way for you to manage it for yourself. There’s a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude — he can see how to get you where you want to be fast; he can envision your path to your goal, traveled your way, not his.''
–Melissa S.

Combining The Best Of Eastern & Western Thinking

In Western thinking, “discipline” evokes a connotation of something external now exerting a force on you. In Eastern thinking, “discipline” generates itself internally: from inside you. When those external prompts are lacking at any particular time, discipline wanes. But when internally driven, a more sustainable quality of experience exists.

Western thinking reflects “going for it” in life, a sort of “do it all, be it all, have it all.” This creates an invigorated presence with boundless drive and desire. But it can lack boundaries, develops a perception of “never enough” and morph into “pathological rugged individualism” – at the expense of your health, family or career.

The inspired life requires a balance and equilibrium; coming from a serenely quiet, centered, focused place, and not wasting energy, while still pursuing everything with eagerness and zeal. That’s Eastern thinking. My effectiveness training style cultivates the best of both.

``The most wonderful aspect of Will’s coaching is he’s totally nonjudgmental. He takes people right where they are. He cares less about how they got there and more about how they can improve their condition. His unorthodox style is extremely engaging, imaginative, and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help the client make lasting improvements. There is an underlying intelligence and thorough knowledge of his subject matter. The result is a rekindled enthusiasm for wanting to take good care of myself.''
– Margaret P.

Nine Fundamental Principles Of Vitalogy:

  1. Technology has forever changed the quality and manner through which we experience life, becoming both our servant and our master; and it over-utilizes our minds and under-utilizes our bodies.
  2. Society manifests rampant stimulation and information overload, causing chronic overwhelm. When excessive, information itself becomes an environmental pollutant. Living to one’s capabilities today requires learning how to shed excessive input.
  3. Models of psychology/behavior that don’t account for the influence of technology are obsolete. They contain timeless elements but no longer reflect current conditions.
  4. Most day-to-day behavior traces to discernable origins. Rather than condemning or condoning behavior, Vitalogy seeks to explain it, determine the underlying motives and agendas, and map out self-directed course-correcting strategies.
  5. The unresolved physical and emotional issues of life, including the core concerns/issues of one’s life are stored in the body. A diminished capacity of freedom to experience and express life results. These are the origins behind many mental and physical diseases.  The body never lies and presents a valuable barometer for your life.
  6. Posture acts as your physical identity and structural operating basis in life. Your body has a built-in instinct to stretch, stay loose, and self-adjust. Poor posture underlies most solvable structural problems of the body.
  7. Truth-based self-assessment and understanding reflects the most fundamental element in producing motivating, successful, and permanent behavior modification. Vitalogy centers around self-responsibility, practical knowledge and common sense. A quality life experience includes self-reliance, functionality, and sustainability.
  8. Learning and compassion represent two foundational skill-sets for greater living. They form the basis of manifesting a more meaningful life experience, grateful attitude, and a wider, more balanced perspective. Harmonious living requires both mental and physical flexibility.
  9. Modern day health-care requires greater individual responsibility and self-knowledge. This includes administering self-care, while forming alliances with traditional and alternative practitioners who provide a wide scope of mutually compatible services.


``Will uniquely helps others become the very best they can be without changing their inner spiritual core, the essence that makes them who they truly are. A true advocate, Will comes along side of his clients. He listens and encourages dialogue, asking pertinent questions allowing his clients to come to their own conclusion.''
–John N.

VitalCoaching Delivers Six Proofs Of Personal Growth


How do you measure your growth as a person besides the obvious – more money, better job, etc.?

1. Making New Mistakes: Repetitively making the same mistakes exemplifies no growth. Making new mistakes signals evolution beyond the old ones and a willingness to fail until you get it right. This necessarily occurs when trying out new behaviors or executing new actions. While results may not initially be superb, you are certainly going in the right direction. You’re no longer settling. Demonstration of effort ultimately pays off. Learning from mistakes comprises a crucial skill-set. But only new mistakes.

2. Having Better Quality Problems: If you learn from your mistakes, the nature and quality of your problems improve over time. Additionally, as you grow, problems change, but generally for the better. Paying the property taxes on your home represents a better quality problem than being homeless. Overcoming mental/physical issues and later struggling with creative pursuit represents a massive improvement over being unable to even engage in creative pursuit. New mistakes and better quality problems reinforce Vitalogy’s systematic approach toward growth. Life gets easier and sweeter as you welcome challenges along the route toward reaching your targets. The results also become exponentially greater.

3. Telling the Truth. Hearing the Truth. Not Becoming a Victim: Spending less time (and energy) in denial means you hear and speak more from truth. You gravitate towards being more authentic. As you “drop the drama,” you more fully engage in reality. The “what’s so” of life becomes less scary, unmanageable, or difficult to confront. Confronting itself becomes easier. You react less defensively to the world around you You gain deeper connection with the world within you. You spend less time perceiving yourself as a victim and behaving accordingly, including engaging in “victim story group” with others. A sense of greater autonomy and self-ownership makes taking responsibility for your life easier. You have greater control over the meaning you assign to events.

4. Improved Ability To Execute Proactively: Achieving more of what you want to accomplish. Instead of “never getting around to it,” your life becomes integrated and organized. This converts to more time, energy, and resources available. Their exists more focus. Greater clarity. An improved sense of purpose and meaning. Less procrastinating. Life’s “chores” turn more into “service,” becoming less pain-staking and riddled with impediments, perceived or real.

5. Better Quality Relationships: If you’re improving, nothing reflects this better than your relationships with others, and yourself. Also, new relationships really make that apparent. If current situations contain the same inherent problems as your historical relationships have , you’re either not getting it (life) or getting on with it (also life). Set patterns of behavior develop in established relationships. You become invested in your agendas with each other. With new people, no history exists. They observe and interact with you based on your current condition. Consider the saying “measure me based on where I’m going, not where I’ve been.” As patterns in new relationships develop, you will recognize where you are growing and where you are not. Measure yourself based on your present course or direction rather than past detours. Do the same with others.

6. Better Quality Self-Talk: Self-talk reflects ongoing private conversation with yourself. Self-talk reflects your perception of the condition of your life. As your life improves, so does your inner dialog. Feeling better about yourself is unrivaled in terms of improving your condition. Ultimately you reach the litmus test of growth: self-parody. Self-parody signals cognitive proof of both overcoming issues and accepting yourself. When you allow yourself or others to parody you without denial, avoidance, or feeling threatened, you have arrived.

`I’m making the transition from being reactive to proactive. I see myself in an authentic way that is solid and tangible, not based on a whim or fantasy, or “hope thinking.” His VitalMind program provided a template for me to understand my life. Now, no matter what happens, I can make sense out of it and feel much more secure knowing I am driving the car of my life instead of being a passenger or, worse yet, baggage in the trunk..''
– James B.

Being More Effective Makes Everything Possible.

IMG_0139I’m an effectiveness training coach, healthy lifestyle advocate, massage therapist, and personal trainer. I improve communication with yourself, between your mind and body, and with others. I get to the root of your passions and needs, and reconcile the “what’s so” of your life. My role contains three parts: advocate, interpreter, and catalyst.  Together we clarify what you want to discover, change, accept, or believe about yourself, and want to experience as a human being. Given any situation, we’ll explore what else is possible. This helps you get unstuck by seeing a situation differently.

Vitalogy reflects true holistic care through its comprehensive array of programs – tools and technology allowing you to learn, apply, and adapt actionable knowledge. Adaptable to individual needs and changing circumstances, you’re not asked to believe any underlying philosophy, religion, or spirituality. Knowledge with application engenders more sustainability than simply watching and doing. We focus on sustainable integration.


``Nothing makes Will happier than seeing you connect your dots and grasp for yourself what’s going on with your behavior or your body. When he sees the light of possibility dawn across your face and witnesses you believing in yourself — when you feel alive and in command of your own life and expressing yourself through your body the way you did when you were a kid — this is what gives Will joy. This is why he excels at what he does. Your success is his joy.''
– Nancy C.

Run Your Life Like A Business


My straight-forward coaching style reflects a practicality gleaned from working with hundreds of clients. The idea of running your life like a business involves elements of accountability, commitment and transparency – everything above board and open to discussion.

Focus on Activity Management Not Time Management

Anyone can generate a task or “to-do” list. What about having the right items on your list – ones that ultimately result in meeting your needs and targets, while improving your connection on the creative process and allowing/receiving. Success allows for developing a believable set of targets – how they serve you, how not to kill yourself in the process, nor step over others along the way. Our motto of “Compassionate Success” combines both your intuition and innate abilities with your cognitive and educational skills.

Focusing on activity management, not time management generates better results. Knowledge combined with application engenders more sustainability than simply watching and doing. We focus on integration that is sustainable, adaptable, and workable on an individual basis. We take a once and for all approach instead of over and over and over again.


``Will’s 'no nonsense' simple suggestions and overall system enable everyone who applies his process to improve their personal and business activities and relationships. And it’s faster and far less expensive than cookie-cutter/out-of-a-box methods. Corporate CEO’s and small business owners reap the benefits of Will’s analysis and plan of action. More than just creating a task list, he clarifies the elements on it and whether it will get you to the outcome you desire. Methods like these save individuals and companies thousands of dollars.''
–Michael N.


``Committed, generous, caring and fun, Will Nelson is committed to seeing his clients fully bloom. While his work is grounded in the physical, it also impacts and clears emotional and mental occlusions. Will works in a heart-centered way that resonates as deep truth he is channeling in the uniqueness of the 'we' space. He maintains excellent energetic boundaries, along with the ability to join deeply through the trust he facilitates. If you are fortunate enough to be taken on by Will as a client, be prepared for a life transformation of the best kind.''
–Louise N.

Do Everyday Exceptionally Well

VitalMind is the course we created to pragmatically understand personal psychology in the age of technology. Cut right to the chase with succinctly delivered concepts designed for you to understand yourself like never better. Ultimately, life reflects less on what happens to us and more the behaviors we formed as a result. What happened can’t be changed but the meaning assigned to it can. Many people have the facts and information regarding their lives, but have difficulty connecting all of it together. VitalMind helps you make sense of your life.


``My sessions with Will were incredible! I've never experienced anything like it before. He told me things about myself he couldn't have known about me. He tuned into my body and my mind. He immediately understood the circumstances of my life. The VitalMind materials were concise and easy to follow. I got empowered to understand life from the inside out, not the outside in, as I had done for years. I still have work to do, certainly, but I clearly know what that entails, and what I will get for it. Finally, internalized motivation. He is truly a gifted individual. ''
– Mary B.

Consciously Engaging All Of Your Life


VitalMind teaches how to function using both sides of your brain simultaneously – at once staying connected with both your creative and cognitive abilities. This approach ultimately manifests your thoughts, ideas, and creations in a more seamless, efficient, integrated, and resourceful way.

VitalMind acknowledges the Western mindset of doing it all, being it all, and having it all – while keeping life maintained, balanced, and functioning well. You can go for it without dying before your time, not destroying your body, your family, or your career in the process.

VitalMind encourages your wanting something with all your heart and yet staying non-attached (surrendered) from the eventual outcome. You change into an observer of your own life experience and others too, in a way that facilitates possibilities, interest, and coping with change easily. We call this “compassionate success.”

``Through Vitalogy and the VitalMind program I gradually released feelings and connections to my ex-husband. That in turn, allowed me to let go of material things/papers I'd been holding onto. Eventually, I felt in control of my life again. That allowed me to lose extra weight I'd been carrying around for years. I've been learning to pay attention to my body and processing my emotions more effectively, I've been trusting myself and my intuition more. I'm so grateful for all the progress you've helped me make.''
– Rhonda W.

Understanding Your Needs And Getting Them Met

Options and possibilities emerge when you believe in yourself, trust your path, and enjoy the ride. You embrace the good and the bad, meaningful and mundane, and transform them through your own self-awareness. The result enables you to leverage your abilities, realize your passions, become more proactive, and remove drag in your life. The outcome: A functional, sustainable, self-reliant based lifestyle.

VitalMind helps you step back and gain proper perspective to design your life. All of it. How? By better understanding what you want and why. The why reflects what your needs are.  Meeting your needs facilitates your personal vision and creates your life purpose. Nature provides the blueprint. You were born with certain attributes and qualities, etc. But final assembly? That’s up to you!

Puzzle Piece

``You are a dynamic individual – creative, alive, and very passionate in your work and life. I can’t express what a privilege it is for me to work with VitalMind and receive the wisdom and acceptance you offer as a coach. Our session today was very powerful. I love to speak the truth with you. I am thrilled to have you in my life. I feel accepted and valued and that’s so important. You are very special and I am grateful for your deep and rich contribution to my journey.”
– Susan T.

VitalMind: Human Software For Playing The Game Of Life

VitalMind guides you using a “TruthSheet,” a concise written assessment which evaluates life from diverse perspectives – physical, mental, emotional, career, family. Your TruthSheet (usually consisting of a few pages) represents a snap shot of your life, containing the crucial information and specific actions you aspire towards. You start with where you have come from (your past), point to where you are going (your future), and fill in the spaces in between (your present). Your TruthSheet creates the playbook for your life – running reminders of what you want to tell yourself. Your personal TruthSheet acts as a working document, something you will regularly review and refine – a personalized course correction guide that keeps your life moving forward.

Read the VitalMind Outline

Was it all roses and bonbons? No! Is anything? No! As I went through VitalMind I hit plateaus and I had questions. Will ensured I did not get bogged down in the details of my life, stay with the important matters. Getting me through those moments allowed a lot of releasing what was not important, in my mind and life. I prefer to quit when it gets too uncomfortable but for once I didn’t. My family noticed my improved attitude. The entire range of benefits I enjoyed reflect how comprehensive his programs are.''
– Paul M.

``Will recognizes a person's value and imbues that back to them. When a person embraces that, they begin focusing on their positive aspects. He helps me recognize each aspect of my value as a person, and he builds on that. Soon, these positive aspects became self-generating and I started seeing them in myself. I find myself looking for the good stuff so I can report back to Will, rather than rehashing my faults endlessly, and in that case, my only option is whom to blame.''
– Joyce P.

Effective Training

My effectiveness training methodology involves an operating system I co-developed and utilize regarding how you create and accomplish your life activities. Effective ways exist to make the projects and activities of life seamlessly connect more easily.

This starts with understanding how to get help – especially help not readily apparent. This enhances the ability to formulate and crystalize ideas and problem solve. Next we develop a mindset of focused relaxation and quiet, being centered rather than controlling, and allowing rather than forcing. You stop creating solutions to problems that don’t exist.

People often perceive themselves as either right or left brained, either creative and spontaneous, or analytical and structured. There exists a discernible way of combining the best of both. Gain greater access to your entire brain, as opposed to functioning only with certain facets. Want connection to all your abilities? Start here.

always be learning

``After working with Will Nelson for three years, I can honestly say nobody has ever had my back like him. His willingness always matches and sometimes even exceeds mine. His inspiration is sustainable — at first I wanted to do it for him, admittedly, but now it’s all for me. And his help is always there. The way he affirms and guides makes me feel and believe that I am capable; I can do it, life, my way, every day.''
– Derwyn B.

Let’s get started!

Free 20 min coaching session

Will Nelson, creator of Vitalogy, offers free 20 minute phone coaching sessions to assess your needs and determine how his technology can amplify your success. No obligation.



Starting in 1987 with the publication of The Real Truth About Health, Will Nelson, founder of Vitalogy, has focused on compassion, for yourself and others. He believes in a mind-set of allowing, not forcing, of being lead along your path rather than pushing your way to success.

Will Nelson teaches universal axioms regarding the human condition conveyed in simple layman’s terms. He help you distill down to the essence and coach you towards insights. Your best lifestyle reflects one of  self-reliance, sustainability, and functionality.

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