Vitalogy Inspires Self-Advocacy

Vitalogy’s governing principles of self-reliance, functionality, and sustainability facilitate improved care of your mind, body, relationships, career, decision-making, and thought processes. Vitalogy is not a purchase, it’s a participation – you having a conversation with yourself about your life. Vitalogy’s products and services customize to fit your needs. Whether in person or online, they cover how to:

  • VitalBody – Maintain and improve your body’s condition quickly and easily – wherever you are, anytime, anywhere. Understand the principles and execution of movement and exercise once and for all. Shift from “no pain no gain” to “all gain and no pain.” A portability based on self-reliance.
  • VitalMind – Better understand your current circumstances – cultivate better focus of attention and decision-making regarding your life’s priorities. Generate ongoing momentum to complete projects, set and accomplish goals, and work through your challenges without unnecessary drama or stress. A model of life-management based on functionality.
  • VitalCoaching – A hands-on program for better interpreting your life experience and improving communication and execution with your mind and body. Better facilitate your interests and passions into your daily life. Improve the quality of your self-talk, your interaction with others, and enrich the connections with those around you. Enjoy your life more, work at it less, and manage it easier – with sustainability.

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  • VitalRetreat – A week long intensive program that combines evaluating your interests and passions with the “what’s so” of your life. Take an overall life inventory through active engagement and learning coupled with rest and relaxation. A vacation from life to explore life. Review your primary relationships and enrich the connections with those around you. Creating a plan to enjoy your life more, work at it less, and manage it easier.

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``Vitalogy's consulting services helped us clarify our vision, streamline our processes, cross train staff, and provide a more integrated and harmonious experience for our clientele. Mr. Nelson helped our staff understand their strengths and connect them with running the daily operation. He outlined a procedural manual so staff knew what to do without reinventing the wheel day after day. By clarifying our mission and purpose, we naturally recognized the boundaries around which our team could work productively and effectively. Personally, he greatly aided my becoming a better administrator, focus on what I most enjoy and do best, and better delegate the rest. He always had the pulse of our operation. His follow-up was exemplary. He gave me confidence in my ability and provided all the technical support.''
– Anandini O.

We Teach & Practice Vitalogy To Manifest Possibility

Vitalogy helps you design your life from a position of strength, so you recognize opportunity, act wisely, and reap the benefits of a well-organized, well-managed life.

Vitalogy provides resources that assist your ongoing life process. The issues and conflicts of your life become resolved in  a consistent, skillful, and authentic way without undue drama. Vitalogy facilitates efficient skill-set acquisition so you can keep up, move forward, and retain an improved quality of life experience.

What you want to achieve in life and the discovery of what’s inside of you – that’s the outcome with Vitalogy. It’s not magic in a bottle; it’s your potential realized.

``Working the Vitalogy program refocused my mind’s eye. My own internal teacher returned to active participation in my life again. My connection to God and Spirit are alive and well, and bringing me focus and direction. I’ve been able to stabilize my energy flow and have more self-control. And there has been a deep spiritual awareness as I’ve gone through the process. I’ve learned to love again, both others and myself. I’m more accepting and creative. Life is interesting again.''
– Michael S.

20 Years Success In The Clinical Setting

Vitalogy combines top notch professional coaching with dynamic educational programs. Extending the prime of life as long as possible begins with mind and body self-care. 

Vitalogy reflects true holistic care through its comprehensive array of programs. These tools allow you to learn, apply, and utilize pertinent knowledge throughout your life, for the rest of your life – adaptable to individual needs, and changing conditions and circumstances.

Vitalogy offers a team of “Healthy Lifestyle Advocates” dedicated to increasing the possibilities of your life and keeping you more interested and expressive along the way. You know what your life could manifest. Stop waiting. Start executing. Call now and get started – 678-900-0270.

``Will Nelson has been my advocate, coach and adviser, guiding me through life and business challenges. His knowledge and insightful prescriptions for living were priceless and they gave me strength. His old-fashioned common sense about a disciplined lifestyle of body movement, mental examination and healthy nutrition helped me live life more fully. When recently faced with some tough business decisions, Will gave me direction and strategies that were useful in negotiating favorable outcomes. I would highly recommend Will’s services to help you find clarity and wisdom in your life, whether it be personal or business.''
– Patti J.

Optimize Your Life Like The Pro’s Do

The Catch-22 of modern society… in order to afford the environment that can maintain your health, you often have to accept life and working conditions which destroy it.

Vitalogy takes the basic components of your life and organically evolves and builds upon them in a synergistic, constructive, and sustainable manner. You see, you can have it all, but an internally driven discipline and dedication greatly assists sustainability. Developing an effective organizational structure to your life provides functionality. Your willingness to honestly evaluate yourself, your assets and liabilities, ultimately provides consistent truths that becomes self-reliance.

Your purpose directs your perspective when you believe in yourself.  Become your own subject matter expert, your own life and health coach, without spending your whole life in the effort. Vitalogy’s self-directed programs lessen your reliance on healthcare providers and better utilizes them when necessary.

``Knowing they always had the pulse of our operation, Vitalogy's participation in meetings, on the phone, and through emails and texts gave us confidence. The entire operation responded with a renewed sense of vision, creativity, and dialog. We felt more confident of our abilities, and the entire organization became streamlined and more functional.''
– Arthur M.

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