I present an informative and content rich speaking style, balanced with credible stories and examples. I distill down to the essence and provide insights. I empower people by stoking the fires of their passions, giving actionable steps for them to take, and answer their questions satisfactorily.

Excellence In The Digital Age

From FitBits to Facebook, technology goes where we do. But, its impact doesn’t end at the screen, with lasting effects on our mind and body. In this talk I discuss now keen people can maximize their potential in a digital age.

Technology now partners with us in virtually all of life’s activities. We employ it to interact with our minds, bodies, each other, and the world at large. There are enormous assets, and liabilities too. Discover how technology can serve you, without ever becoming your master.

  • How to set and KEEP boundaries around using technology.
  • Understand how much technology you need and when it becomes overkill.
  • Creating a lifestyle that minimizes technology’s impact on your mind and body.
  • Specific exercises to compensate for hours of sitting.
  • How you can maintain and improve your posture.

Seminars For Sitters

Sitting has become the new smoking. But the damaging effects can be stopped. Learn how in this talk.

  • Spiraling healthcare costs jeopardize bottom line profitability
  • Without even knowing, many businesses subject employees to unhealthy working conditions.
  • Why presenteeism is more costly and disruptive than absenteeism.
  • Changing from sitting in fixed positions at computers for long hours.
  • There is also the mental loss of productivity due to an inability to maintain focus, drifting attention, and the onset of boredom from doing repetitive mental tasks that provide little variety for either the mind or body.
  • The repetition of mental activity along with a lack of physical activity engenders a sedentary lifestyle that exponentially increases the potential for illness and related healthcare claims.
  • How to keep your body loose and warmed up even during working hours. Randy example.
  • Facilitating healthy and appropriate physical activity at work increases the chances of more occurring away from work. This makes for well-adjusted, healthier employees with fewer medical conditions negatively affecting their productivity and your profitability.



The Tao Of Executing Creativity


the creative process: Principles behind turning one’s inspiration into reality by way of actionable steps.

  • The relationship between task and vision.
  • The emotional and energetic tones that best facilitate the creative process.
  • Applying a broadstroke, midtone, and highlight to any creative endeavor.
  • Stop creating solutions for problems that don’t exist.


“We are vocational rehabilitation specialists serving individuals who have suffered back injuries. Your program is a great benefit in preventing back injuries, as well as reducing medical and Workers Compensation insurance costs.” – Rodwill Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

– Margaret P.

PermaCulture: Agriculture, Community, Human Culture, Sustainability

Back to nature has transitioned from a cool fad to a way of life.

Bottom up change starting with local community level action.

Great Life lessons – growing below ground first

Working with what you have, right where you are.

Start small and stay simple.

Nature is forgiving. you make mistakes and keep going.

Opportunities are everywhere. Open your eyes and change your mind.

``Will uniquely helps others become the very best they can be without changing their inner spiritual core, the essence that makes them who they truly are. A true advocate, Will comes along side of his clients. He listens and encourages dialogue, asking pertinent questions allowing his clients to come to their own conclusion.''
–John N.

VitalMen: Relevant Masculinity In The 21st Century

What does being a man mean to you?

Setting boundaries starts with yourself

How to decide what you are signing up for in life.

What am I willing to be responsible for?





`I’m making the transition from being reactive to proactive. I see myself in an authentic way that is solid and tangible, not based on a whim or fantasy, or “hope thinking.” His VitalMind program provided a template for me to understand my life. Now, no matter what happens, I can make sense out of it and feel much more secure knowing I am driving the car of my life instead of being a passenger or, worse yet, baggage in the trunk..''
– James B.